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Broken Garage Door Cables In NYC ?

Queens garage door cable repair & services

Having problems with your garage door cables are quite unavoidable. As the cables are considered to be a pivotal part of the garage door, it is always important to have the help of a professional whenever the garage door cables stop working. With us, at Garage Door Repair Queens, all of your problem get solved. We know the right cause behind garage door cable malfunctioning, and the perfect solution for it. Here are some of the major causes of the garage door cable malfunctioning :

  1. Improper ways of installing a garage door cable
  2. Poor or bad maintenance of garage doors
  3. Too much twisting or tension, which finally causes the garage door cables to snap

Reasons why we are the best garage door cable repair company for you:

Our Queens garage door specialists are well-trained and ready to work around the clock. Whatever kind of emergency service you are looking for, you know that we are happy to help! Our team of expert technicians have a wide experience in fixing any sort of technical problem, as associated with garage door repair queens. Our services are available 24 hours a day, as we are always available to fix your garage door cable, and anything to do with your garage door. Worrying about timing with us is never an option, we are one of the only company’s in queens that offer a 1 hour response time guarantee.

Replacing and installing cables

Garage door cables work at optimum tension. They operate with force supplied from the rest of the assembly. The movement of the door depends entirely on the flexibility and strength of the cable installed. Over time, fatigue takes its toll on the cable thereby weakening the cable beyond repair. Faulty cables can snap back with violent force and cause serious injury. In some models, springs are directly attached to the cable. So, lose cable can also cause spring to recoil violently. You will have a dented car or worse a fractured limb. Such accidents can also turn fatal in extreme scenarios. It is not advised to deal with high tension cables on your own, even when we are talking about cables that are used for torsion & extension springs. Underestimating the potential injury can land you in hospital. Call the professional repair technicians of Queens garage doors. Repairing it yourself is not worth the potential injury.

Queens Garage Door guarantees you the best garage door cable repair that you can have.

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